Looking for an actor?
A workshop presenter?
A host for your next event?
Or are you my mom showing this website to
another co-worker?

Either way – welcome to my personal website where you can learn more about me and some of my work in the past!


  • I am a Columbus native and am in love with my city.
  • I have performed in everything from community theater and television commercials to improv and stand-up comedy.
  • I have emceed or hosted corporate and nonprofit focus groups/strategic planning sessions, weddings, charity events and even a zombie beauty pageant. (Not kidding – it was hilarious and terrifying) 
  • My public speaking gigs range from eulogies to workshops to large scale keynotes.
  • Let’s see, what else…. Oh, thanks to my parents disciplinary actions I am exceptionally polite.
  • I am a creative writer, a history buff, a strong anti-bullying advocate.
  • I love musicals, theme parties, dancing, whiskey-gingers and dark beer.   
  • And lastly, I am very happy you visited my page today! 


biz of art pic

If you need a spunky comedic presenter, host or actor – Email me below! 


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